In this fast paced world, corporate executives are being asked to perform at high levels consistently. The resultant stress at the level of each person’s psyche is not in the interest of the company.

In Canada, the annual cost of work time lost to stress is $12 billion.

In 2010, 23.5% of Canadians aged 15 and older reported that most days were 'extremely or quite a bit stressful,’ up from 22.3% in 2008.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to companies that investing in their employees directly i.e. not just sales skills and other ‘skill-based’ trainings. Rather, investing in them on a deeply personal level, enhancing them as individuals, as husbands and wives, as fathers and mothers is highly beneficial. 

Studies have also shown that for every $1 spent on non-skill training the return to the company is $30.

We often read about numerous ways to beat stress in certain situations. But what technique can you utilize that can instantly eliminate the emotional and physical sensations that arise as a result of a vicious verbal attack, at home or in the workplace?

Well, we have the answer!

INTENT Consultancies Canada is pleased to present The Lifetoolz™ Seminar - a  2-day program for Personal Transformation & Professional Excellence.

More than 15 years of work with thousands of individuals from all walks of life and across 55 different nationalities has lead to the development of this effective and time tested seminar.

The most remarkable features of The Lifetoolz™ Seminar are:

  • It’s ontological perspective
  • Its simplicity
  • Its effectiveness & universal appeal

Its Ontological perspective

Ontology n. philosophical study about the nature of being.

In the case of humans, it is the study of being a human being. When a person operates from a state of ‘being’, he or she will inevitably be authentic.

This seminar focuses on how a person’s views and attitudes on life often limit his or her choices.

Ontological coaching helps us to discover the ways we resist & sabotage our own learning because of our past pre-conditioning.

The Lifetoolz™ Seminar provides a format and methodology in which one’s presuppositions and entrenched positions are brought under examination. It aims to press beyond one’s point of view allowing one to stand back and observe one’s positions and press the ‘refresh’ button in one’s life. 

Thus when viewing ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ from an ontological context one is concerned with the ways of being that constitute being a leader and this is an effective exercise of leadership versus when one tries to act like a leader. Here one is likely to fail, as one is being inauthentic, or pretending to be a leader. So the customary approach of learning the traits, styles & character of a leader is insufficient as such an approach will inevitably leave one being inauthentic.

The seminar is designed to gently bring the participant to an experience of his/her Self which is tantamount to transformation. Everybody is wired differently but everyone also has a common core.

Its Simplicity

Every participant leaves with access to easy-to-learn and effective techniques that are taught & experienced within the program. When used, these allow a breakthrough from repetitive self-defeating patterns in one's personal and professional life.

Its Effectiveness & Universal Appeal


Increases Health & Well Being
Allows for Deep Personal Harmony
Eliminates Stress Symptoms Physical/Psychological Increases Vitality, Stamina, Creativity
Assists to Reach & Maintain 'A Centered State'


Relieves Mental Stress & Fatigue
Strengthens Positive States Of Mind
Promotes Harmonious Relationships
Enhances Concentration
Facilitates Faster Self-Development
Modulates Sub-Optimal Emotions


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