I have yet to see where results did not come about, POSITIVE RESULTS in one form or another. It has been seventeen years since I did the course and there is little in my life that I haven't applied what I learnt. I feel more in touch with the living world around me. No occult mystery. No secret society. And definitely no snobbish elitism. An excellent workshop to learn to use tools that everyone can use to good effect. It has helped me find myself.
Nick McGiveney, Irish, Professional Writer

An eye opener into looking at the world in a totally different light. It’s like starting out as a baby (once again), in a child-like state – enjoying every new moment. I have always felt that we (humans) have an untapped energy. Through Cyrus I now know that energy does exist and I look forward to enjoying and practicing my new found force – that will benefit me and others around me.
Iona Davenport, British, International Endurance Equestrian Competitor, Former World Champion Downhill Skier

I came into the Lifetoolz™ Seminar not knowing too much of what to expect. The first day opened my mind to the world I live in and the fact that it is mine! It also made me realise that when you own something you need to contribute towards its well being. The second day, through various empowerments, armed me with the process to better myself and those fulfil my purpose of making this a better place to live in. I do believe it has been 2 days brilliantly spent and its now up to ME!
Brian Tellis, Director

Lifetoolz™ is a good course for stressful minds and tension. People should have such course to come out of the business world and give a break to our confusing environment. This course makes you feel relaxed, focused and part of the world/universe. It is a great pleasure to be here and taking back the experience and looking at the world in a different manner, from a different point. It really makes a transformation of your well-being in the world. It really says that where thought goes, action flows and the results show... This course should be given to all the employees as they really will make the change and transform our energy.
A young male Emirati Manager in Human Resources

I came to this programme with an open mind. In spite of being one of the assistants, there is so much that I am taking back with me. A new awareness of who I can be. A new understanding of what I am, I have a better perspective of myself in a global situation. Clarity on a lot of reasons why we do things. And most of all, ways & means to defeat stress, fight fatigue, be at peace with my self & all around me and in general - improve the quality of my life.
Chris Curry, Manager

At the beginning of the course I wasn't interested at all. But as the first day approached an end, I felt a sudden urge pushing me to want to know about the Lifetoolz™. On my way home, I took the liberty of thinking about everything that I have learned and I realised that such a great amount of wisdom can never be worth the riches of the world. That made me so excited to come to the second day. By the time the second day was closing down, I had adapted the best techniques that I can ever gain. I know that my learning doesn't stop here. Thanks to these simple rules, they have changed every aspect of me.
A young Emirati lady trainee

I used some of the tools I learned on the first day and I was surprised when it worked. It blew me away. An excellent course and should be taken by everyone.
A young Emirati lady trainee

I gave myself the Lifetoolz™ course as a "Birthday" gift. I knew ahead it would be a WOW gift and it was. I know things, but I needed to plug in again and recharge and with a new flow of knowledge and tools too! Today I set my (mental) alarm and got up as I intended to the night before. I want to succeed, to practice, implementing this gift into my life to become as a subtle level off that. Thank you Cyrus.
Najwa Assad Naimeh, Jordanian, Sales Director

Where do I start? I've gone through most of my life with an innate knowledge of what we have learnt over the last two days. However, until the Lifetoolz™ Seminar I couldn't understand it, articulate it, or assimilate it (for lack of better words!) into something understandable and "tangible". Thank you. They're two simple words. But they come from the heart. It's comforting to know there is still Humanity and there are 'toolz' that enable us to better ourselves and those around us, and there are people you can draw 'positivism' from to support and improve change. I wish we had more time to practice, as practice makes perfect. We are agents of change. Love.
Samar Abu Ragheb, Jordanian, Environmental Consultant

Absolutely amazing experience! I learnt things I had no idea about. Learning about the power of concentration was really interesting.
Nada Sikander, Indian,Executive

When I first heard about this course, I was very skeptical. I always thought it was for people who needed help. After my first hour, I was shocked and amazed to have learnt so much in so little time. Looking back on this experience, I think it was one of the highlights of my life. The Lifetoolz™ Seminar taught me a lot about myself and the world that we live in. I intend that I can apply myself with what I have learnt and make my mentor, Cyrus, proud. Proud enough that he was the one that made the difference.
Ahmad Al-Khalil, Jordanian, Lawyer

I feel like a new me! I feel energized and a lot more relaxed, yet infinitely more aware of my surroundings. So many things to put into practice and I can't wait. I would like to say thank you very much for the workshop. I enjoyed it and it has definitely opened my eyes. Thank you again.
Allison Buckley, British, Equine Trainer, Class of February 2004
(The ReikiTECH Workshop)

The Lifetoolz™ Seminar has taught me to be more humane and to be grateful for the things I have, however small. It has taught me values which I know will help me to be sincere in life. Cyrus, you were terrific! Thank you.
Nestor Nazareth, Indian, Executive

The Lifetoolz™ Seminar took me through a new, beautiful and touching spiritual journey. A unique combination of new research and experience. Lifetoolz™ is a fascinating and useful manual for those seekers on the path of spiritual realization. Thank you for your dedication and deep, mature knowledge. It did enhance my spiritual ability and self development. Truly yours.
Anas Madi, Jordanian, Businessman

A Total Relaxation Experience that allowed the mind to clear and become ready for a positive state of mind setting which can assist in personal development.
Farid Ahmed, Emarati, Father, General Manager, Class of July 2000 (The ReikiTECH Workshop)

I came to this program without know anything about it. However, now I have realised that Lifetoolz™ like harnessing, coning, meditation, breathing techniques, Ki & exercises have changed my horizons. To some extent I feel that I have reinvented myself, even though I was introduced to meditation during my college days I never continued with it. But now I will make an effort to continue it with the objective of improving my concentration power.
Valerian Mathias, Indian, Executive

Feeling one with everything and everybody
Meeting new people
Meeting a master
Making a new myself!
Dr. Alexandra Yashina, MD, Russian

The workshop not only taught Reiki but changed perspectives of life. I am very grateful, indeed, that I could participate in this extraordinary course.
Bernd Paulussen, German, Sales Director, Class of December 2001 (The ReikiTECH Workshop)

An eye opener into looking at the world in a totally different light. It's like starting out as a baby (once again), In a child-like state - enjoying every new moment. I have always felt that we (humans) have an untapped energy. Through Cyrus' workshop I now know that energy does exist and I look forward to enjoying and practicing my new found force - that will benefit me and others around me.
Iona Davenport, British, International Endurance Equestrian Competitor, Former World Champion Downhill Skier, Class of Oct 2000 (The ReikiTECH Workshop)

This exercise with Lifetoolz™ has helped me see that, if you want to change (better our lives) it is "us" who can do it. We do not have to depend entirely on an external source. The change comes from within, & if we are open and broadminded then we can bring ourselves through it. Believing in oneself is vital for ones success & growth towards prosperity. My experience with Lifetoolz™ has been enriching personally & spiritually. Now, I can see myself in a better life. Thank you, very much!
Rashmi Desai, Indian, Executive

Very powerful and wonderful. This will definitely help me to achieve what I want in life. Excellent teacher with true empathy. Thank you.
Jan Leitch, British, HR Manager, Class of Dec 2003 (The ReikiTECH Workshop)

I had never been in one of these before so it's been a very good experience. The Lifetoolz™ Seminar will help me out with my daily dealings at home and at work. There were a few things that I did in terms of exercises and centre point that was so wild, thought I was a fool to be doing all of that. Now it just makes so much sense. Thank you.
Kristofson Disouza, Indian, Executive

The Lifetoolz™ Seminar introduced me to myself, made me start facing conscious and subconscious issues which I was blocking for a while. The Lifetoolz™ Seminar made me like who I am, and most importantly, it made realize how beautiful life is, if you look at Life through the right eyes. Thank you, Cyrus, you are amazing.
Noor Dajani, Jordanian, NGO Executive

It opened a world full of opportunities for me to do and contribute to mother earth. How I could be extra or rather more POWERFUL is what I learnt mentally & physically. I learnt how to breathe & live life 'fully', i.e. an energised life!
Lavanya Singh, Indian, Executive

During my attendance at the Lifetoolz™ program I have learnt how to become one with the universe. I have learnt how to be grateful to everything-even the floor on which we walk on. I learnt that everything is alive and if we centre ourselves and become peaceful we can become one with those things. They are part of us and we are a part of them and we are all part of the source, God. I am mostly grateful to god for granting my life and giving me the opportunity to experience these wonderful things.
Basil Dajani, American/Jordanian, Student.

A lot of basic concepts that I had heard of, but probably did not know how to use in day to day living, has been made (shown) in simple/demonstrated ways in ways they can be used daily. Perhaps brought to me "in my face", that it is not enough to sympathise with people suffering but do something about it.
Nicola Phillips, Indian, Executive

This programme gave me a way to look at life in a manner I never did before. It gave me knowledge about me not being separate and showed me a new approach towards the people and things around me. It was a fabulous experience and something that will go with me life long. I feel simply fantastic and energised. Some questions that I had always thought about, but were never answered, got "enlightened" at this seminar.
Melanie D'Souza, Indian, Executive

A re-awakening of the senses, cleansing of the inner being. I believe I am better armed to combat life's challenges.
Brian Hoogewere, Indian, Executive

I have learnt that the mind is a very powerful force & if used in the right manner can help one immensely. The mind exercise carried out on day 2 & the results were shocking.
Lisa Pereira, Indian, Executive

The workshop enabled me to feel complete neutrality (zero static charge within myself) which is going to help me live and deal with society and be in tune with nature and the universe.
Carlos Gomes-Pinto, Portuguese, Commercial Pilot, Class of May 2000 (The ReikiTECH Workshop)

Very interesting, made me feel a lot lighter for some reason & a lot more self confident. The tools learnt during the Lifetoolz™ Seminar are great and  it was worth the experience & time spent. Taught me methods of relaxation & breathing that will help me a great deal. Very Star Wars - May the force be with you! Pretty Amazing.
Garth Almeida, Indian, Executive

It was a very refreshing course especially learning about the information regarding the energy that we have within our bodies... Highlights of the day were Ki points. It is amazing to witness the power of concentration.
Savio Faleiro, Indian, Executive

After the workshop one achieves a greater focus and strength from within. I feel more at peace of mind.
Ruchika Malhotra, Indian, Executive

It brought together a lot of truths that I already knew and had learnt during my experiences. But it focused everything and empowered me. Thank You.
Rana Nejem, Jordanian

I never felt so relaxed in the last 30 years. All my worries & physical aches seem to have abated, hopefully permanently, although I do expect the ups and downs to be experienced, as life goes on, I feel better equipped to deal with them. The ultimate aim of this course was to heighten my enjoyment of life, I sincerely believe this course has been effective to that extent.
Male (name withheld by request), Scottish, Petroleum Engineer, Class of Feb.'99 (The ReikiTECH Workshop)

It was one of the most moving experiences of my life, which I do hope will change the whole course of my lifestyle. I am extremely thankful.
May Khoury, Jordanian, Businesswoman

Wonderful! I have never felt better in years. For once, I feel like I can generate positiveness, I am more relaxed and at peace. I intend that I will stay this way.
Wafa Nimri, Jordanian, Manager, YEA