Becoming an agent of change

by JaneAnne Narrin

Every life has at its core a dream that quietly and unobtrusively asks to be fulfilled. Each of us dreams such a dream. It is an important part of the original blessing of being in this world. Purpose is another word for this dream. If you wish to realize your purpose in life you best start by relaxing. Relaxation allows for an open, unbounded, creative space. In this openness you can celebrate, that is, apply yourself, exercise your talents within the healthy boundaries of your chosen field or profession, get what you want, and not give it away, but share it wisely. Relaxing, opening and celebrating - three simple steps to individual well-being.

Woven into the formula for individual well-being is a need for supporting the global community bringing our human endeavors into alignment with a partnership model of reality. This means that everybody wins. Although based on self-interest, everyone's actions contribute to the highest good of all concerned. In their prayers our Native American brothers and sisters refer to this extended sense of community as "all of our relations". All of our relations of our global community comprise our fellow humans, the animals, plants, minerals: the rocks, mountains and seas, the deserts, swamps and wetlands, the great plains and wild forests.

How can we effectively support them? We could introduce ever more new and tighter legislation - adopt stringent rules and regulations. We have seen how this plan works. And about its effectiveness there can be no illusions. Laws created by man are manipulative and subject to manipulation. Rules can be bent and regulations have loopholes. Furthermore, rules and regulations imply that we are ignorant of universal or natural law. By their very existence they infer that we do not inherently know, feel or sense what is right, but rather, because of our ignorance, must submit to some outside authority. Poised between ourselves and the world, laws, rules and regulations may even widen the gulf of separation between ourselves and nature.

The benefit of "all of our relations" really cannot be decreed from the outside. Founded on interconnectedness, it unfolds through understanding, and through assimilating and growing into universal law. It amounts to a deep healing partnership process, an empathic resonance, between nature and humankind.

If we wish to support and restructure our global community in genuinely new and liberating ways, we cannot do so just by the decree of manmade law. Instead, we have to start closer to home, with ourselves, our personal integrity, our own energy. In other words, we have to become ourselves, whole and healthy individuals. We have to think for ourselves, wean ourselves away from undue outside influence, take good care of ourselves emotionally and physically, and follow our purpose in life - and we have to be open and intuitively grasp the particular strands of universal law that apply in a given situation.

In the energetic model of reality there is no separation. Focusing upon our own wholehearted well-being, letting it flow through our lives and out to others, will eventually help manifest a wholesome and healthy global community. Not only do we have bodies and minds, but we also partake in and embody the very energies that create the universe - and this in our perception - moment by moment anew. This energy is our most precious resource and can be directly accessed.

Years ago, the "100th monkey" theory was widely popular and often quoted. It went like this: if, one by one, a hundred monkeys on a distant island learn how to use sticks for picking bananas the knowledge of picking bananas with sticks all of a sudden becomes an integral part of monkey consciousness. All monkeys everywhere all around the world will then be privy to this knowledge and be able to use sticks to that end.

The principle of a vanguard few preparing a shift in consciousness applies to humankind as well and has inspired many changes in past history. Anyone can be such an agent of change, but the more dedicated you are to what you are doing the more impact you will have as an agent of change.

- JaneAnne Narrin, Artist, Businesswoman, Life Coach, Author and Mother