Living a life with passion and charisma

by Cyrus Mehta

By being "in integrity" with oneself, one develops the capability to release life-strategies that are self-defeating, unfulfilling, or worse. The opportunity to self-actuate, or to live up to one's own potential, becomes a much more appealing and satisfying prospect. A fundamental and compelling drive towards the field of possibility arises. Practicing Lifetoolz™ structures the opportunity for you to recognize and to synchronize with the Self - who one truly is.

Thereafter, with experience, you come in contact with one's natural ability:

  1. To cope with difficult situations,
  2. To resolve sticky issues or relationships,
  3. To release stress,
  4. To enjoy inner peace,
  5. To contribute to the community,
  6. To contribute to global well being - and that's just a short list. Indeed, it facilitates opening to and celebrating life - while one is just being where one is, when one is there -- merely being present.

Mindfulness is about being in a state of wakefulness - with all its unique possibilities - about being awake to each moment as it unfolds. While it is natural for our minds to go on automatic pilot, scattering seeds of thought here and there along the way, we can bring the mind back home through mindfulness training and practice. In doing so we can focus different aspects of our multidimensional being while calming all warring fragments of self, dissolving internal stress, supporting self-understanding, defusing negativity and aggression. And viewing turbulent emotions and thoughts with acceptance.

Doing is familiar. However, allowing right now or releasing the mind's distractions, observing is an artscience. You may find that when you are the Observer for all that is going on in your life, you release yourself from reacting to memories. Neither do you have fantasies about the future. You are just here, Now -- in this happy timespace! You transform.

Some people might think that attempting to "let go" by being mindful of the present moments (focused) is extremely challenging. But it can be accessible within the context of the practice of Lifetoolz™ - highly accessible. When one lives life at each moment, an organic dynamic unfolds. This is a shift towards the positive, leading to dissolved stress, and a sense of wellbeing in relationship to the entire synergistic system.

You are exercising your capacity to deliberately alter your stance in relationship to life situations. You do not do this by shutting yourself off from the situations or by subjecting yourself to them; but by accepting, embracing what is and with full attention, sinking into the pain, and into the emptiness - or the pleasure and bliss - trusting the birth of the anew. With this perception, you can look at life's process and say, "What can I learn from this?" Thus, you create the path for your life, and carve out a space in which your unique agenda are seen for what they are, with the full range of your highest consciousness and with the full spectrum of possibility.