Eliminate Morning Gloom

by Cyrus Mehta

  • Don’t lay about in bed before you get up, it generates a negative
    (reduced) state of energy. Rather, stretch out your arms behind your head ( or above) whilst also stretching your full body down to your toes. Do this for a few seconds.
  • And then, snap the covers off your body and sit up straightaway. This single act is guaranteed to charge your body with positive energy.
  • Keep a glass of water on your bedside and drink the full glass (at least 300ml) as soon as you are sitting at the side of the bed.
  • Splash your face a few times with water. When you brush your teeth, think only of your teeth. Get into the brushing, do not let your mind wander into what you will be doing later, etc. Be with the brushing. (And no! I don’t have an arrangement with any dentist to say this ;-)
  • Guys, after you finish brushing your teeth is the best time to shave. You will have a shave without pain and irritation because your skin is still a bit sleepy.
  • Brush your hair just to stimulate your scalp. Ladies, a few strokes will be enough.
  • Walk around the house or garden with your morning drink. Avoid sitting down straightaway to read the newspaper. You can do that just a bit later.
  • The Golden Rule for breakfast! Give your brain some Glucose! A cup of plain yogurt with some sultanas( raisins) or with a date or two and some dried fruits like almonds or roasted peanuts( as many as you can pick up with your fingers) and a fruit like a banana or apple.

Choose to do the above as a routine for one week and see the difference.
Morning Gloom is transformed into Morning Glory