This website was originally launched as almost 16 years ago under the aegis of Intent Consultancy & Management Services, Dubai.  That domain name lapsed due to an error in judgement by the webmaster at the time. Fortunately for us the .org suffix was available and became the domain name a few years ago.

In January 2012, the company has relocated and operates under the name Intent Consultancies Canada.  This website can also be accessed via the company’s web portal at

ReikiTECH™ is a word coined by us because it accurately illustrates the core and truth of the Usui system of Reiki. It is a ‘technology’ that is at the core of the Usui System of Natural Healing, commonly known these days as Reiki. We were one of the first to describe the Usui system of Reiki as an ‘energy technology’.

This website provides a visitor with an easy-to-read and navigate site dedicated to providing information about Reiki, its ancient roots, the technology’s refinement in the modern age and its applications. ReikiTECH - the artscience of discovery & wellness.

The website generated much interest around the world and in 1999 was the recipient of The Reiki Integrity Award acknowledging its contribution as an information source for the Usui system of Reiki.

It also chronicles the development and rise of The ReikiTECH™ Workshops - purpose-designed 2-day programs which represented the start of our work with our inner environment through the medium of experiential workshops.

From 1994, our Commitment to Transforming Our Environment had a new dimension.  While our work with our ‘Outer’ environment continued, we were now publically announcing our work to transform our “Inner” environment and with the same high order of technological input as demonstrated by the technologies Intent worked with to enhance our “Outer” environment.

This period was also the beginning of the Dubai boom days and it saw an influx of peoples from all over the world working in every sector making it a truly international city.

Weaving the Reiki natural system of healing into a program for personal transformation and professional excellence was an extraordinary achievement. The ReikiTECH Workshops were launched by Intent Consultancy and Management Services, Dubai, in 1994.

Their success has been nothing short of spectacular. Within the span of a few years, thousands of people from over 55 nationalities, from Fortune 500 co’s and all walks of life, had ‘graduated’ from the workshop.

The workshops received a distinctive honour by the endorsement by the Dubai Quality Group – the Dubai govt owned and the regions premier institution for infusing quality into business corporations. It sent a clear statement on the deep value the programs brought to the individual.

We invite you to meander through the rest of this website. It provides information on the programs offered, experiences of graduates, and a truly interesting set of recommended sites that will allow a person to read what scientists' and other leading authorities around the world are saying about the new way to view our World of Energy.