Reiki - A Management Tool for the 21st Century

In this fast paced world, corporate executives at all levels are being asked to perform consistently at high levels. The resultant stress at the level of each person’s psyche is not in the interest of the company.

A recent article in the Gulf News titled "A Killer Disease haunts Management" says "People are affected in different ways, but one thing is certain. It causes enormous loss of productivity and loss of man hours, which can have cost implications."

A World Bank & WHO Study Harvard University Validated Study on the topic of Global Patterns of Disease & Injury concludes that ‘Depression’ is set to sweep the world as the largest cause of disability & death around the year 2000. Stress-related diseases are reaching epidemic proportions.

The Occupational & Industrial Orthopaedic Center (OIOC) indicates that "Work related tension is a result of the interaction between environmental and individual factors."

Studies also show that:

• 180,000 people die in the UK each year from coronary heart disease
• The mental health charity MIND has estimated that 30 to 40% of all sickness absence from work is attributable to mental and emotional disturbance
• The suicide rate among the younger age group of employee’s has increased by 30% between the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s
• RELATE has estimated that by the year 2000 there will be 4 divorces in every 10
• Finally, 'Alcohol Concern' has estimated that one in four men drink more than the medically recommended number of units per week

Studies have also shown that for every one-dollar spent on non-skill training the return to the company is thirty dollars!

It becomes obvious that investing directly into an individual at the personal level is a sure-shot approach to have an edge in the market-place.

We often read about numerous ways to beat stress in certain situations. But what technique can you utilize that can instantly eliminate the emotional and physical sensations that arise as a result of a vicious verbal attack, at home or in the workplace?

In the face of a truly adverse situation you cannot do yoga/meditate or chant a mantra. Neither can you start deep breathing or visualization techniques as none of these methods support you physiologically, eliminate emotional and physical reactions and establish harmony within instantly.

Well, we have the answer!


The ReikiTECH Workshop

A program committed to Personal & Professional Excellence

ReikiTECH (pronounced ray-key tech) is:

• an artscience
• a gentle ‘hands-on’ methodology that balances & aligns the energy-centers of the body
• It induces a heightened state of body-mind harmony
• This in turn creates enhanced wellbeing at the physical, emotional and energy levels
• For you & from you & therefore creates no dependencies

There are many unique features about the technology, but the most remarkable are:

• Its simplicity
• Its effectiveness and
• Universal appeal

Simple and effective techniques taught within a purpose-designed program allows a breakthrough from repetitive self-defeating patterns in one's personal and professional life. No re-programming of the mind, no mind control and situation-manipulating techniques are offered. Rather, the ReikiTECH Workshop provides a format and methodology in which one’s presuppositions and entrenched positions are brought under examination. It aims to press beyond one’s point of view allowing one to stand back and observe one’s positions and press the ‘refresh’ button in one’s life.  No one is excluded from learning and practicing it. Age is not a consideration, nor is sex, body-shape or size, talent, religious preference, intelligence, perceived eccentricities or occupation. Only intent and willingness are essential.

ReikiTECH is a Technique which can be activated AT ANY TIME - irrespective of the state of one's mind, body or circumstance.


Immediate Benefits Experienced by Graduates of the ReikiTECH Workshop

On the personal level...

• Increases Health & Well Being
• Allows for Deep Personal Harmony
• Eliminates Stress Symptoms Physical/ Psychological Increases Vitality, Stamina, Creativity
• Assists to Reach & Maintain 'A Centered State'

On the professional level...

• Relieves Mental Stress & Fatigue
• Strengthens Positive States Of Mind
• Promotes Harmonious Relationships
• Enhances Concentration
• Facilitates Faster Self - Development
• Modulates Sub-Optimal Emotions


Company Profile

Intent Consultancy & Management Services, a member of the Dubai Quality Group was established in Dubai in 1996.

Since the mid-eighties the company has been working with technologies for the reduction of environmental pollution and the elimination of human exposure to hazardous environments in the nuclear power and oil industries. 

Says Cyrus J. Mehta, Partner "A part of INTENT's business continues to be in this field where we are always looking for individuals and companies in the UAE & the AGCC region to work with the visionary technologies offered by our principals: N.V.  ECO S.A. of Belgium Manufacturers of the finest eco-friendly chemicals for use in all industry areas and

3i International of USA - for  crude oil sludge removal & product recovery from land based storage tanks & VLCC's

These companies represent the best in their respective fields, worldwide.

It is interesting to note that Cyrus who has, for over 15 years, worked with leading edge technologies for man’s outer environment has now boldly moved to working with yet another cutting-edge technology that promises to bring about qualitative shifts in man’s 'inner body-mind' environment. The transition from working nuclear and fossil fuel energy to working with universal life-force energy, has been seamless and the intention for personal and global harmony has always manifested in his entrepreneurial skills and demeanor.

Consequently INTENT now also promotes a unique which is called ReikiTECH (pronounced RaykeyTech). To allow corporate executives and other’s to have, on-hand - a cutting-edge technology that is easy & simple to use and brings forth remarkable shifts in one’s ‘inner’ environment. The ReikiTECH Workshops are purpose-designed programs to facilitate significant transformation at a 'wholistic' level of each individual, irrespective of their vocation, ideological preferences, & aptitude. The unique aspect of the workshop is that every participant leaves with deeply pleasing and personal qualitative shift in one’s life.


The Facilitator

Cyrus J. Mehta, a charismatic and articulate trainer, will artfully guide you through a journey which will culminate with each and every participant leaving the workshop with a deeply pleasing and qualitative shift in their lives. The ReikiTECH Workshop has a proven track record with over 140 workshops conducted. Committed to transforming Man's environment, Cyrus has also been deeply involved with man’s 'outer' environment. Setting up his own enterprise in the mid-eighties he has been involved at the highest level in the nuclear power and oil industries working with leading-edge technologies for the reduction of environmental pollution and the elimination of human exposure to hazardous environments.

To address mans ‘inner’ environment, he is now promoting an energy technology which he calls ReikiTECH to allow corporate executives and others to have on-hand a cutting-edge technology that is simple and easy to use and brings forth swift and remarkable shifts in a person’s ‘inner’ environment.


Value Addition

Each person upon graduating from The ReikiTECH Workshop has the opportunity to have a book titled 'One Degree Beyond - a reiki journey into energy medicine'. Read Cyrus' review about the book on

The award winning author, JaneAnne Narrin, a personal friend of Cyrus J. Mehta, will write a personal comment on each book, especially for ReikiTECH graduates. Read what she says about Cyrus in the testimonial section.

During the majority of her professional career JaneAnne Narrin has contributed her expertise in the field of industrial psychology and personnel consulting. Her work involves bringing people together with their own best potential. As a corporate consultant in the high tech arena, and as a popular speaker and guest on various shows, she continues to offer insight and inspiration. As a seminar leader, she has taught in diverse settings from schools to corporate offices for nearly a quarter of a century.

The book is expected to enthuse each new ReikiTECH graduate to move into the play and practice of the tools and techniques that have been taught and which each participant experiences during the workshop.