The Usui System of Reiki is a Pure & Simple Energy Technology

My intuition says that the origins of this "energy technology" is Vedic i.e. from ancient India, and were lost until they were re-discovered by Mikao Usui San, a Japanese teacher. Mikao San's quest, lasting around twenty years, is acknowledged by me as one that will have a dramatic impact on humanity.

With the information he found and gleaned through the cosmological records of Tibet and aided by his intuition he developed a unique system for accessing cosmic energy. To ensure that this ancient technology is not lost again Mikao San passed on all the information to his good friend Hayashi San. Hayashi San had the foresight to preserve the system during the Second World War by passing on the information to Mrs. Takata San who lived in Hawaii.

They are acknowledged by me for their wisdom and foresight to preserve this system during the Second World War and make it available to the modern world from the 1970's.

Reiki is a simple yet powerful energy technology. We live in a world of energy. Everything is energy. Our children are learning about it in school and yet most of us cannot conceive that all matter is in fact composed of energy. It is called Reiki because it was re-discovered by a Japanese gentleman, one could call it Prana - as the Indians do, or simply Cosmic Energy.


Reiki has Universal Appeal

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal life Force Energy
. Every culture since ancient times has a word for this all-prevailing, all-encompassing Life Force Energy. The Indians call it Prana, the Chinese call it Chi, the Greeks called it Pneuma, Henri Bergson called it lan vital, Baron Reinbach called it the Odic Force, Baron Ferson called it Universal Life Power, some scientists call it bio-plasmic/bio-cosmic energy.

Being a leading-edge energy technology, the Usui system of Reiki has nothing to do with faith, beliefs, or religion. And this is a unique quality which allows its appeal to transcend all cultural and religious barriers. By calling it spiritual per se would create a barrier for many who, while keen to achieve body-mind harmony, could possibly feel that it interferes with their religion or spiritual beliefs. This would be a grave injustice to Reiki and would condemn it to be marginalised. Can Yoga be considered spiritual ? No! As Reiki, Yoga too is an ancient technology, a methodology which allows for a person to move towards achieving body-mind harmony.


Reiki is the Most Effective Method of Achieving Body-Mind Harmony

With all our actions we are endeavouring to achieve Harmony within ourselves, which is, as it is called these days, Body-Mind Harmony. Every action of ours, every intention of ours has this as the goal.

It could be as simple as eating an ice cream, taking a walk on the beach, planning a new business venture, going to the gym, going out on a date. With all of our actions we are "hoping" to achieve harmony within ourselves. And if, statistics on the percentage of people experiencing stress and stress-related disorders are anything to go by, then we are, generally, failing to achieve this.

What can be recognised from this phenomenon i.e. the increase in stress within ourselves, is this: We are always looking for harmony outside of ourself, be it through an ice cream, or a salary increase, a romantic interlude, etc.

Always outside ourselves; We are always 'in lack', i.e. always sort-of incomplete, we seem to need something from the outside to make us feel better. And that is far from the truth, because the truth is body-mind harmony can never be supplanted from outside oneself, it comes from within.

Body-mind harmony is not dependent on external factors, however much modern society paradigms would like us to believe that if you buy X car, you will be a winner!, Join the forces and be a Man!, Drink "xyz" and feel great!

Body-Mind Harmony is achieved only from within our Self. And this has been known for thousands of years: Plato, in his book "Memo" starts of by asking Socrates this question; How can virtue be taught ? And so many thousands of years ago, Socrates responded by saying Virtue can never be taught! It can only be recollected! And the doctrine of recollection is implicit with the idea of going within.

Reiki is an emptying process. All the stuff that we have stored and collected in our various bodies gets pealed away. Layer by layer, easily, swiftly, simply!

Reiki brings one to a level of Relaxation, a level not plumbed before. From this level of Relaxation, events begin to generate automatically: one feels light and healthy; creative processes begin to occur through pure undiluted intuition; new and profound perceptions and insights occur spontaneously; addictive behaviour patterns shed away. The use of Reiki brings one quickly to a level where one begins to rejoice in one's life. The Quality of Relaxation is the key!

The technology of Reiki is so simple and automatic that all one needs to do is to have intent and make Reiki available through the hands on one's own body - and that is it!

Nothing else, no particular state to be in - you could be in any emotional/physical state i.e angry, anxious, happy, depressed etc. and Reiki can be made available - instantly!

No other system can boast of this! This is pure technology!  ReikiTECH !!


ReikiTECH is the Ideal Support System, Instantly Available, at Any Time, Under All Mental & Physical Conditions

A support system, by definition, is something available to diffuse or eliminate a coarse, harsh condition: physical, emotional, etc.

At any time, under all conditions, ReikiTECH is instantly available, either to the person herself/himself or to a particular situation, environment.