The ReikiTECH Workshop

The Intention of the training is to transform your ability to experience living so that the situations that you have been trying to change or put up with clear up rapidly in the process of life itself and get to levels where one rejoices in life continually.

The ReikiTECH Workshop is about redirecting and clarifying paths in life in order to achieve a more consistent, heightened state of awareness of the present moment. Using what some scientists call bio-plasmic energy, say cosmic energy, the workshop looks at reiki in the full scope of a planned program, reconnecting with the compassionate process of opening up and really celebrating life. In addition to the strict adherence to the traditional teaching aspects of the Usui system of reiki, various other processes, both silent and interactive make the workshop one that is purpose-designed to guarantee a qualitative shift in one's life.

The ReikiTECH Workshop is now globally recognised as an intensive purpose-designed, Personal Transformation Program. It facilitates significant transformation at a 'wholistic' level, irrespective of vocation, ideological preferences, aptitude or eccentricities. Conducted over two full days ( 8-10 hours per day) in a safe and comfortable environment the workshop promises dynamic insights into the 'Self ' which has been largely neglected due to the pressures of modern day living.

The ReikiTECH Workshop is not about re-programming the mind, It is not about re-wiring our stimulus response mechanisms. It's Intention and ultimately it's success has been due to the clear and unequivocal focus on the transformation of the individual at the level of Self. Most people exist not in the state of 'Self ', but in the 'fallen' or untransformed state: a state of Mind.

The ReikiTECH Workshop is a new form of participatory theatre that incorporates the Socratic method: the artful interrogation that is midwife at the birth of consciousness. However, unlike other types of training, it does not have catharsis as one of its aims. It aims to gently bring the participant to an experience of him or herself which is tantamount to transformation.

No re-programming of the mind, no mind controlling and situation-manipulating techniques are offered. Rather, The ReikiTECH Workshop provides a format and methodology in which presuppositions and entrenched positions are brought under examination. It aims to press beyond one's point of view into a perspective from which one observes one's own positions.

Teaching no new belief it aims to break up the existing wiring of the mind. Working together with a super-fine energy called reiki under the artful and highly skilled guidance of Cyrus J. Mehta, the participant creates the conditions into which the Self can be revealed, and transformation occurs.

It is after transformation that one recognizes the Selfas that which one truly is. One then 'comes from' the Self. One's ground of being has been shifted from Mind to Self. No longer identifying oneself with this or that, as a personality, ego, or mind. Rather than having an identity, one is the space of identities. One is now complete, and from this state, natural creativity, vitality, happiness, true self-expression, all arise spontaneously. Toward individual excellence and rejoicing in life continuously!

This happens over a period of 2 full days in an environment that offers participants a safe space, comfort, peace and tranquility.

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The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop

Here, an individual who has, after The ReikiTECH Workshop, already experienced a new foundation to operate from and has been observing qualitative shift in his/her life is now empowered with additional tools and techniques that further enhance and amplify his/her use of energy within the context of Self. One begins to move to point where one is now capable of experiencing further expansion, and the dissolution of the constraints of time and space.

By this time one's context of living has tangibly shifted experientially and one has been willing to work on oneself via a powerful personal commitment. One is now ready and able to imbibe advanced techniques that empowers one to further remove blocks and struggles in life, to manifest intentions and transform relationships.

The Advanced Workshop takes one to a state of being where instead of struggling to achieve things in life one gets to a level where now things just start happening in life. One Becomes truly adept at bringing forth deep personal harmony at all times and radiating from a new space and dimension.

Eligibility Requirement:

Only those who have demonstrated their individual commitment by having undergone a minimum of 21 consecutive days of Self- treatment for a minimum of 90 minutes a day are eligible to enroll for The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop.

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Master Practitioner Training

This is chosen only by those very few individuals who wish to pursue much deeper healing for themselves. As such the criteria for selection at this level is made carefully both for the person and for me. More details can be made available and discussed.


Teacher Training

I have taken the cue from the legendary Takata San who, with her deep wisdom chose to train only 22 teachers in a span of 50 years. Similarly, my own teacher, the honorable and brilliant R. Chandran, who has trained many thousands of people up to the advanced level, and a few at the master practitioner level, has only trained two teachers. I was the first recipient of his Master Practitioner training, and his first teacher candidate.

I intuitively endorse the viewpoint that the selection of teacher candidates needs to be a very selective process.

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