A Personal Note

As the trainer of The ReikiTECH Workshops I, Cyrus J. Mehta choose to express my deep gratitude to Mikao Usui San, Hiyashi San and Takata San for their invaluable contribution in re-discovering and refining a superb energy technology. After almost 25 years of experience with different techniques and systems to enhance our body-mind continuum, I can say with the greatest ease that this system can truly be considered the highest science in the field of energetics, which include yoga, acupressure acupuncture, bio-energetics, tai-chi, etc.

I also choose to express my profound gratitude to my teacher, the venerable R. Chandran, whose reputation as a "purist" in the Usui system of Reiki is internationally recognised. I am privileged to have received my training and lineage from this extraordinary human being and pledge to uphold the values and integrity that have come to distinguish our approach to teach the Usui system of Reiki as an integral part of a purpose-designed personal transformation program.

I also wish to salute all those who have and are contributing to the global movement towards peace and harmony.

I am based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and am available for workshops with a minimum of 10-15 people in the region and on an international level.

There are many questions that people have about Reiki. I feel that the way for you to get the most value from this web site is to put across to you the facts on Reiki as a single statement, then expand on that in discussion, enabling you to become clearer with the meaning of the statement.


The Formative Years

I was born in Bombay, India on December 3 1954 at 0930 hours GMT. After graduating from high school I continued to study Physics, Chemistry and Biology for two years at University level in Bombay, before going to California, to complete a degree in Business Management.

Since my childhood days I liked to observe everything quite acutely. Natural phenomena and energy play fascinated me since my youth. The wonder of photosynthesis; the marvels of transformation in the chemistry laboratory; the fascination with the defraction of light through a prism; a major shift occurred in me when I imbibed the wonder of quantum physics and the interplay of energy in the ever-present world of sub-atomic phenomena; observing my own behavior patterns.

By the time I graduated in 1976 I began to observe my own behavior patterns quite vigorously. I was my own best teacher. As I learnt to identify issues within me, I also began using specific tools to transform those parts of me that did not work.

The technique of complete yogic breathing, as a methodology to access life-force energy, brought forth some extraordinary shifts in my life. I was affectionately called 'the breather' by my fraternity brothers. The 'est' training developed by Werner Erhard provided for a many positive shifts in my life. Werner, infact, continues to contribute to my life in a very profound way.

These tools and techniques fascinated me, and assisted in removing some of the dross and debris that we collect in the name of our personality and I began to experience new levels of self-awareness.

And yet the rogues of my mind remained as defiant as ever. Ingrained habits fought tooth and nail for survival.


Some Experiences in Life

The eighties saw me participate in the commercial world with this new self-awareness. From becoming proficient in a highly complex job at a multinational company, to starting up a new refinery, and then setting-up my own company in India with the intention to bring into India cutting-edge technologies to:

• Eliminate contaminated drinking water in the rural areas of India (I was a volunteer for 6 weeks in a refugee camp during 1971 - I was 16 years of age -, seeing squalor, death and desperation unlike anything experienced before, this was to exert a very powerful in my life)
• Eliminate or reduce environmental pollution
• Eliminate or reduce human exposure to hazardous environments

The years ahead were hard, to say the least. The type of business I started was about making a contribution and to earn as a result of successfully implementing my goals. To get businessmen to allocate money to preserve the environment was being resisted even in the west. In India the idea to invest in technology for such purposes was not considered important at all. All throughout the next many years, I continued to be tenacious, never deterred even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

So began a drama lasting for the rest of the eighties: getting cheated, which made me smarter rather than distrustful. The difficulties of playing a game at a very high level in terms of the people in government or private business with whom I had to interact.

By the early nineties, I finally saw my message getting across and business was reasonably good though the going continued to be arduous and taxing at each and every turn. More success was imminent. Then, without much warning, the only part of the business which finally showed promising signs - robotics and other services etc. for the nuclear power and oil industry suddenly imploded in front of my eyes - overnight! Our principals were prohibited from exporting to India!

This was a grievous blow to the business, and to me personally. The water project failed - that story is a book by itself, and now most of the rest. I was devastated. All these years I have been 'at cause' of my experience, yet now this perception helped only in a limited way. I could not get myself to remain unscathed by these tumultuous times in my life.

Add to the above 'story', a childhood filled with numerous life-threatening illnesses, a bitter-sweet family life, an awful chronic back pain that lasted for 30 years 24 hours a day, countless and horrendous injuries to the body many of which could have been fatal, being alone in LA when I was only eighteen, and you have a grand cocktail of trials and tribulations. A life that should have left me completely miserable. Yes, I was wounded but I struggled not to succumb.


Discovering Reiki

Then suddenly out of the blue, or on cue, if you will, I meet R. Chandran - a Reiki teacher on the streets of Bombay and he talked about the workshop. I immediately realized Reiki is the same energy that I had been playing with all these years, and having worked with my hands, on friends and family since the seventies with reasonable success, I immediately enrolled to experience this new technique.

And what joy, to finally have on-hand a technology that is so efficient, so simple, and so effective. That increased my access to this energy in enormous amounts. I have great regard for positive thinking and other such self-motivational skills. What I noticed over the years was that deep, ingrained memories and behavior patterns do not go away with positive thinking.

They are still present, waiting for the right opportunity to surface and bring about disharmony. I was experiencing these aspects of my personality surfacing when I contemplated the ashes of my failed business venture. Positive thinking was not helping. Using Reiki the pain and discomfort of the recent horrendous circumstances simply ebbed away. I observed -with awe! Also, other 'stuff' started clearing up - rapidly.

I was amazed and excited by Reiki. I wanted to know more. I often wondered why I had such an attraction to Japan since my childhood, Zen, Japanese girl friends, the game of Go. Reiki was my link.

My teacher, the venerable R. Chandran, was magnanimous in his assessment of my work on myself over the last many, many years and so chose me to become a master/teacher candidate - and two and a half years after my first Reiki course and almost twenty years after some major shifts in my life, I became a teacher of Reiki.

ReikiTECH as a personal hands-on personal harmony tool; ReikiTECH as a management tool; ReikiTECH as a support system for use through-out the health care industry. At the individual level, at the family level, at the neighborhood level, at the community level, at the county level, at the national level, at the inter- nation level, the use of ReikiTECH will be invaluable.


Teaching Reiki

My function as a teacher is only one:

To make you proficient in the use of a certain tool and put you in touch with your self. After that my function ends. I am available for support at any time, for the rest of the life of all those who participate in my workshops and yet I make it clear that they are self-sufficient in themselves and the universe will support their needs. Cults have very limited benefits to offer and I will not be party to any.

I learnt something many years ago: no one can teach us virtue. As Socrates, with his deep wisdom observed thousands of years ago, virtue can only be 'recollected'. This means going within, this means cleaning up the dross and garbage of our repetitious habits and patterns.

ReikiTECH is the finest tool and support system that I have ever come across. ReikiTECH is a true emptying process, layer by layer the stuff just goes. No thoughts, no mantras, no contortions, no special diet, nothing except the simple willingness to make Reiki available to oneself.

I express my gratitude to you who read this. Thank you, thank you very much.