The ReikiTECH Workshop has been around for many years and has made an immense contribution to thousands. As can be seen through testimonials of a few here below, the old-timers & the recent participants alike, speak with verve & vigour about their two day experience.

The ReikiTECH Workshop
July 18th and 19th, 2015

Laura Garneau
This eperience was truly life changing for me. It was one of such personal growth - but in actuality, just the beginning. I learned so much knowledge, wisdom, while being completely inspired at the soul level. I loved the group experience. Thank you so much.

Karen Campbell
Wonderful! :) Lots of new things to practice. Looking forward to moving forward to learning as much as my body and brain will take.

Linda Campbell
Very exhilarating workshop. I'm looking forward to the next level as I will return for the next one. I experienced very high energy levels.


The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop
July 7th and 8th, 2012, held at Celebrate Wellness, St. Catharines:

Jennifer Hampson/Smith
My experience with Cyrus in this Advanced ReikiTECH workshop has been amazing, very powerful and has brought me to a point where dissolving blockages will be making my life great.

Kate Hay
Amazing. I have a sense that my relationship with the universe has changed, deepened, forever. I know my life is forever enriched by this course and Cyrus’ teaching.


June 9th and 10th, 2012, held at Celebrate Wellness, St. Catharines:

Annette Hemerik
First of all, I would like to thank Barbara and Cyrus for facilitating this 2 day workshop. This workshop has certainly opened my mind and thoughts about the deeper inner feeling of frustration, pain, integrity and soul. It has been a very positive experience. I know I still will have a long way to go, to battle my inner demons, but Cyrus and Barb you have showed me the first step. I like to finish with a beautiful song by James Taylor. “This is the first day of the rest of my life.”

Jennifer Hampson/Smith, Stay at Home Mother
This entire weekend was incredible. Everything about the 2 days including evenings were outstanding. Thank you Cyrus! Barbara, I’m looking forward to attending Level 2.

Larry Colangelo, Banker
POWERFUL STUFF! Reawakening of things that were always there, but brought forward consciously through energy within me. Thank you Cyrus.

Lucy Colangelo, Entrepreneur
This experience has connected me to me. I feel my own energy more intensely and understand its power, strength and possibility. I am full of gratitude.


The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop
May 26th and 27th, 2012, held at Celebrate Wellness, St. Catharines:

Ruth Hay
The ReikiTECH Advanced Workshop has been a wonderful experience. We have been given tools (many) to enhance our Reiki journey in treating ourselves and others. Cyrus works from his heart and practices what he teaches. I feel I am very blessed to have had this opportunity, and will promote these ReikiTECH workshops to others. Thank you once again. God Bless.

Jimi Russell
I have a greater understanding and sense of myself and my energies. This workshop will profoundly enrich and better my life from this day forward.

Gail Kasprick
I thank you Cyrus for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I could listen to you forever and ever. I feel a feeling hard to explain. A sense of peace and enrichment and a new direction in my life. I will enjoy this daily and share where possible. Thank you. Much love.

Lisa Ellis
I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed from this experience this time. I need some time to feel it, experience what I’ve learned and felt. I loved the teaching methods and I certainly have been telling everyone I know about Cyrus’s great wonderful energy! Thank you.

V. Anne Caswell
First thought: This is real. Time well spent for personal growth. Exceptional. Thank you.

Barbara DaSilva
Thank you for restoring the “truth” of what Reiki is by developing and delivering ReikiTECH in the Niagara Region. The advance workshop was very powerful, the amplified energy is felt immediately and the sense of “being” becomes a natural state. Cyrus, you are transforming the inner environment of others one person at a time. Things will only go UP from here. Thank you.

(Roll your mouse over the word UP in the previous testimonial and read what Cyrus presented at the start of one the weekly CAPE sessions where he generally starts with a joke or two. Laugh and enjoy!)


April 28th and 29th, 2012, held at Celebrate Wellness, St. Catharines:

Helena Wilkinson, RN
Very professional and knowledgeable. Reinforced my knowledge of Reiki. The most time I spent concentrating on myself with good results and a profound attitude of gratitude and love. Thank you.

Kate Hay, Lawyer
I had the feeling throughout, no, the overwhelming knowledge that I was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. I strangely feel that I learned a lot that I have always known. Thank you.

Sherry Towers, Manager Finance
I had no previous knowledge of ReikiTECH before coming to this workshop. I found the experience to be excellent. I intend to continue to practice the self treatment and try to live with an attitude of gratitude!

Chuck Ellis
Cyrus has perfected a gift to those on a journey for self awareness, intent and gratitude. He will demonstrate the harmony between self and the limitless possibilities of universal energy. Thank you!


The first ReikiTECH Workshop in Canada was held at Celebrate Wellness, 33 Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines.

Barbara DaSilva, Canadian, Holistic Practitioner
Owner, Celebrate Wellness, St. Catharines, Ontario

More valuable for my well being than I ever imagined. Finally a teacher who explains “Energy” and teaches with clarity, authenticity and love.

Jimi Russell Canadian, GM
My life will be forever changed for the better. I will appreciate my life and future with more love & gratitude.

Lyse Moreau Canadian, Business Owner
I have surpassed anything I have ever experienced. I thank you for all you have given.

Sharon Sibley Canadian, Sales/Receptionist
I am grateful for the workshop and the lessons I have learned over the 2 days. As always resistance is not the way. Allowing & being is truly the only way to self-awareness. Please write a book. The universe is in need of healing.

Marlea Russell Canadian, Yoga Teacher
This was for me a beautiful gift. I learned different things than in my other Reiki course & both were beneficial. However, I just want to make this perfectly clear. My past drawer had Hope, my present or my Now is with Wow! Namaste.

Ruth Hay Canadian, Retired RN
I am so grateful that I was directed to your Reiki workshop. Although I have been practicing Reiki on myself almost daily, but not always for the length of time that would give me the most benefit. Your teachings have really reinforced my need to do more self treating on a daily basis. I liked very much your approach. Your passion shows through and is so helpful to those like myself who still have questions & like encouragement. Thank you so much.


JaneAnne Narrin, American, award winning author, reiki teacher
(read more about her at the bottom of this page)
Cyrus Mehta is an impressive consultant committed to learning and helping others learn a natural, creative, and productive way of working together to *intentionally* discover and live an integrated and participatory role within the "Larger Picture."

When I first met Cyrus several years ago, I knew right away that his special gift had to do with his dedicated intent to provide real-time options, empathy, support and feedback. I knew right away that he had the unique ability to recommend resources appropriate to specific situations. I also knew that the organizational lessons, learnings and experiences he had gathered over his deep and successful career could assist others in dealing with the modern-day stress/health issues.

Cyrus has such a strong background in personal and organizational transformation and management of the change/transition process and this is aptly expressed in his work with Reiki, The Usui System in the corporate/business environment which he shares as ReikiTECH. He takes chaos/complexity theory and implements the concepts in the most comfortable way.

As a longtime corporate consultant involved in employee development systems, and as a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I am honored to be his colleague and friend.

Naski Fleming, Legal Assistant, Marathon Runner, South African, Class of March 2004
Wow! A confirmation of existing thoughts/belief processes which have grown over this life. A positive experience for today and on lasting. Fun and enjoyable!  Thought provoking!

Ritu Anand, Artist, Indian, Class of March 2004
The workshop shifted my personality, feeling  high in thoughts. The future looks bright. I am mentally, physically and spiritually empowered. I learned to love all. I feel like the the whole universe is one. I am highly motivated to know and experience more.

Allison Buckley, British, Equine Trainer, Class of February 2004
I feel like a new me! I feel energized and a lot more relaxed, yet infinitely more aware of my surroundings. So many things to put into practice and I can't wait. I would like to say thank you very much for the workshop. I enjoyed it and it has definitely opened my eyes. Thank you again.

Saifee Contractor, Indian, businessman, Class of January 2004
It has been revolutionary because the role of energy in our daily life and its pristine nature of which I had no idea.

Madalene Åhman, Swedish, Cabin Crew, Class of Dec 2003
Today has been a wonderful experience. I feel clearer and with a gift that will show me a good way and I am sure I will fell great and happier as I already feel lighter and more focused.

Jan Leitch, British, HR Manager, Class of Dec 2003
Very powerful and wonderful. This will definitely help me to achieve what I want in life. Excellent teacher with true empathy. Thank you.

Ghada Essa, UAE, Operations Controller, Class of Oct 2003
I had been interested in Reiki for sometime but for various reasons never went ahead with the wish to experience it. Having found your site though, and communicating with you on the phone through email I knew that I had found the right person to go ahead with Reiki.

I found your Reiki I class wonderful. I'm very interested in Reiki and learning more about it but I also wanted to say I really enjoyed your teaching style. The awakening of ones body, spirit and mind, after receiving Reiki attunement is beyond words. The possibilities of usage are endless. The ability to not only experience one's inner peace of mind, heart, and spirit but to also be able to 'witness' things, all through using Reiki, ranging from what seems to be the simple restful sleep of a child, to the healing of an animal. Thank you, Love, Light and Peace, Ghana

Abdullatif Alhaddad, Kuwaiti, Engineer, Class of Oct 2003
The workshop opened my eyes to a different and comfortable way of living with harmony and happiness

Nadine Touma, French, Class of Sept 2003
I feel good. At ease, much calmer than yesterday or the day before. I am amazed at the techniques taught. But Also I am aware that they need to be practiced. This is OK. The key thing will be for me to remind myself to be grateful whatever the circumstances. One thing is for sure, today I am grateful to you, to Reiki and to me for having such a good idea to do this particular workshop.

Abeer Shahin, Canadian/Jordanian, Executive, Class of July 2003
A very powerful experience that has changed the way I perceive life and has revealed to me power that I never thought I had. I know what living in peace and harmony means now. Thank you very much Cyrus.

Natalie Dzebissova, Russian, Spa Therapist, Class of May 2003
It has been truly liberating to experience such an energy, which helps to free the mind and spirit, and to understand that life itself is a miracle and one should live it, not let it just pass by!

Nasser Kleib, Jordanian, IT Manager, Class of May 2003
Amazing! I can't wait to start practising on myself and my family.

Marina Kiryanova, Kazakhstan, Spa Therapist, Class of April 2003
The workshop provided an excellent means to achieve peace of mind and great feelings of well being & relaxation of the body and mind. My life is in my hands now!

Tone Bore, Norwegian, Class of March 2003
A very personal introduction to Reiki. Warm, friendly atmosphere - a day filled with love and peace.

Amal Saeed, Yemeni-Turkish, IT Specialist, Class of February 2003
This experience has definitely been an unforgettable one. It has made me more aware of the many forces that are around us, and how can make use of them. I feel that upon completion of this workshop there have been a lot of positive changes in my thoughts and ambitions, and that there will be a lot of wonderful changes in many aspects of my live which I used to think that would never have control over. I am extremely thankful that I met Cyrus and experienced The ReikiTECH Workshop.

Maria Khoury, Lebanese, Businesswoman, Class of February 2003
ReikiTECH is a very powerful tool which can shift people's lives very easily. The course was delivered in a very clear and effective way. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Debbie Cain, British, Stewardess, Class of January 2003
Suddenly the world feels bigger. I feel in touch with everything and everyone. I feel at peace with myself in my head, body and even soul .I truly believe that I have experienced something amazing and feel happy that I can achieve this feeling and well being everyday.

Janet Balan, Indian, HR Manager, Class of January 2003
This course has helped to give a complete shift to the perspective I had of life. It's amazing how in 18-20 hours, I feel like a completely different person. The course has made me realise that everything lies within you and how you want to approach it.

Vibha Tiwari, Indian, housewife, Class of January 2003
The ReikiTECH Workshop is amazing. I find myself run short of words to express how much of a difference it made to me. This workshop is full of wonder and works effortlessly. I thank Cyrus for being my teacher. I would say - I'm different than what I was before the workshop.

Halyna Kuznetsova, Ukrainian, Airline Manager, Class of Dec 2002
It was a wonderful experience with a very passionate teacher. I am completely satisfied with the information that I received, which completed my expectations. Thanks a lot.

Sarah Anderson, British, Administration Manager, Class of Dec 2002
I found it to be an enjoyable and informative course with an inspiring teacher.

Helen Anderson, British, Manager, Class of Dec 2002
An enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Ali Mohajer, Iranian, Businessman, Class of Nov 2002
I came with scattered and foggy thoughts. By the time and completed The ReikiTECH Workshop I left with focused and cleared mind and thoughts. This has been and uplifting and wonderful experience. I am 110% committed to practice Reiki as long as I live. Thank you for making a big change in my life. May God bless you and your family and make all your wishes come true.

Mirat El Baz - Jordanian, Class of Oct 2002
I feel happy that I have learnt Reiki. The workshop brought me to a feeling of strength as a strong woman and not only in the physical sense. I am delighted to have the capability to contribute to my family and friends.

Jane Bracken, Canadian, Teacher, Class of Sept 2002
The workshop was a wonderful experience for me at just the right time in my life. I feel more connected to my energy now and am looking forward to continuing with the techniques. Thank you for your guidance and sharing of your experiences with me.

Rosemarie Abu, Filipino, Manager, Class of Sept 2002
Learning and practicing Reiki opens another new door into my life a very meaningful life, i.e. there is no time and space between one of us. We create our life (as we want it) and we can improve and have a wonderful life by using the energy/life force we have here. Thanks a lot Cyrus.

Stella Kirton, French, Class of August 2002
The workshop has been a success for me in that it has made me discover more about myself and how to apply the principles of Reiki to better myself, my surroundings and bring awareness to the people close to me, of the wonderful life which Reiki can bring. Many, many thanks Cyrus. Love, Light and Peace Always.

Wayne Boshier, British, Consultant, Class of July 2002
I certainly felt a qualitative shift in experiencing life. I have gone through extreme relaxation to fantastic energy. I have intent. I will have intent.

Vaishali Bangari, Indian, Marketing Consultant, Class of July 2002
It was an incredibly relaxing experience. I ma sure it will impact my future life positively and I look forward to see the effect.

Paul Novak, American, Student, Class of June 2002
I have learned that the thoughts and ideas that I have previously held, read, learned, or concluded are possible. I did not know how the energy around us could be used. I knew only that it existed. Now, I understand and can use the energy which had for so long confused me.

Azza El Sonbaty, Egyptian, PR Specialist, Class of June 2002
I have experienced moments of truth, fulfillment, peace and calmness. I experience gratitude and appreciation for life the way it is. Reiki is a reality that I felt in these tow days and intend to continue for the rest of my life. Thank you Cyrus! For showing me and guiding me through this route that will enlighten my life.

Shirin Farjam, Iranian, Businesswoman, Class of May 2002
Very Positive, More Advanced than meditations and doable!

Dr. Mikhail Chevtchenko, Russian, Orthopaedic, Physiotherapy Specialist, Class of April 2002
The ReikiTECH Workshop gave me what I wanted from A to Z. Thank you!

Isabel Monte, Portuguese, Personal Assistant, Class of March 2002
The ReikiTECH Workshop is definitely more than what I had expected or ever experienced in the 27 years of my life. My attitude has changed forever. Thank you Cyrus for sharing your knowledge with me! Thank you!

Janet Warwick, Australian, Businesswoman, Class of March 2002
A very interesting and enlightening experience. Far more than I had anticipated from a 2 day workshop, with unexpected spiritual development.

J.D., British, Teacher, Class of February 2002
The course has been enlightening and inspiring. It has strengthened some ideas and feelings that I have had before. It has been a very positive and profound experience for me. Thank you Cyrus!

Julie Green, British, Businesswoman, Class of February 2002
A feeling of well being and calmness. Experienced things that I never have before and look forward to continuing life on this path.

Anita Trehan, Indian, Class of January 2002
An amazing experience where I have come across a tremendous amount of energy hidden within myself, of which I'd been so unaware for so long. From now onwards I and going to live life with a very positive approach toward everything in my life - in relation to all aspects- in order to have an ultimate attitude (of gratitude) to lead a tension- free life throughout. It has honestly been a mind blowing and invaluable experience.

Marwan Parham, Iranian, Student, Class of January 2002
The ReikiTECH Workshop was everything and more than I expected it to be. I am very glad I did it. I wish I had done it earlier. it is a workshop about 'Life'!

Bernd Paulussen, German, Sales Director, Class of December 2001
The workshop not only taught Reiki but changed perspectives of life. I am very grateful, indeed, that I could participate in this extraordinary course.

Susan Peterson, British, Class of November 2001
I experienced a deep sense of peace. I have learned I need to make my own way in the world and to connect in a positive way with other life and energy forms. I have learnt some techniques to develop this connection and to use it to create a better life for myself and those around me. I have also learned that I can make a positive and valuable contribution to the world.

Yakub Ali, Indian, Managing Director/ Engineer, Class of November 2001
It was an illuminating experience. I feel as if a load has been taken off my shoulders. I feel optimistic and cheerful.

Bron Lancaster, British, Manager, Writer, Class of October 2001
Much more 'empowering' than I had imagined it would be. Definitely a life changing experience. I will most certainly view life differently from now.

Mamta Thakkar, Indian, Product Manager, Class of October 2001
I felt many emotions through various stages of the workshop. Peace, harmony, joy, pain. This experience has, in many ways, been indescribable. Felt a oneness with all the others at the workshop... Truly Amazing!!!

Leslie Thurogood, British, Supervisor, Class of September 2001
Very Enjoyable, certainly met and exceeded my expectations. Has opened a new door. I intend that I have the courage and tenacity to step through and enjoy the light.

Elaine Horner, British, Consultant, Class of August 2001
It has given me an insight into how I can take control of my life and deal effectively with those areas that cause me lack personal confidence.

Jaffer Lokhandwala, British, Company Director, August 2001
A very enjoyable Experience that re awakens the possibility that I can achieve my full potential as a part of the universe. A reconnection and extension to my experience of 'est'.

Shadwell Fernandez, Indian, Businessman, Class of June 2001
Apart from the technique of using Reiki for healing, tons of information has been shared by the teacher ( Cyrus) to help one enjoy life. Truly Refreshing!

Samar Dudin, Jordanian, Theatre Director, Class of June 2001
I understand, after the workshop that we live in a world of energy and that we are energy and we belong to a source of light and we are here to enjoy and re-member and find the harmony. I feel light and powerful. I will use ReikiTECH. I feel grateful. Thank you, Cyrus.

Rana Hammad, Jordanian, Hospice Director, Class of June 2001
I wonder how the time passed. I ma deeply impressed with the easy flow of knowledge and energy that seems as if it was there forever. When I was guided to look at the right direction ... there was the wisdom and mastery of the human being. I thank my self for joining this course. Thank you Suleima for bring me on the hands of a real master. Thank you Reiki for finding me in this time in my life and for always being with me. Thank you Cyrus for being here in Amman for us and for being such a 'cyper' Cyrus.

Mai Maani, Jordanian, Vice President, Class of June 2001
The results of the workshop were more than fulfilled. Not only am I re-energised, but I feel empowered to embark on a journey back to wellness, something that I have lost over time. Gratitude is an inherent quality in myself and therefore when I was a young girl, people used to get surprised at my feeling of contentment. Thank you Cyrus for bringing back this quality in focus.

Elizabeth Dianne Frost, British, Teacher, Class of May 2001
A most valuable experience - gained knowledge and insight. I intend to put it into practice and go on to The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop.

Ali Yildrim, Turkish, Flight Operations, Class of May 2001
It is a wonderful experience for those who are looking for beyond the chains and curtains. I was one of them. But now I am very close to the truth. Thank you Cyrus.

Joyce Stephan, Lebanese, Teacher, Class of May 2001
Thank you for sharing with me a simple and effective support system. I know that I will make a qualitative shift in my life toward Personal harmony.

I re-membered many basic humanistic issues. I will ensure that ReikiTECH becomes a second nature in my life. Since yesterday, I am in touch with the new me, the Real me!

Suzi Prichard Jones, British, Equestrian exercise rider Class of April 2001
I experienced a feeling of inner peace; an explanation of how to access my inner-self of wonderment, excitement, and eagerness to venture into a brand new world

Frieda Boogaerts, Belgian, Mother Class of March 2001
As a very pragmatical person, I had problems to stay open-minded in the beginning. This situation changed gradually and at the end of the workshop I experienced a true harmony & peace within myself. A great workshop, experience and...master!

George Mammen, Indian, Manager, Father Class of March 2001
I have experienced a deep serenity within myself. In due course I expect to gain rich dividends. I am definitely on the way to increased well-being.

Forouzan Zadeh, Iranian, Brand Manager Class of February 2001
I feel relaxed, I think I can handle the issues better and easier than before, I believe that if I continue daily practice, I can face the upsets of my life more comfortably and be able to live for myself, not others. I discovered a great energy inside of me.

Virigina Taylor, British, Teacher, Mother, Class of January 2001
I have learnt to relax completely - I no longer have any 'knots' in my shoulders. I have learnt that there are things inside of me that will need to come out, but that they will do so in their own time. Finally, I have realised that other people's actions and reactions have nothing to do with me. They are not a reason for anger because the what used to bubble up inside of me comes form inside of me and needs to be healed from the inside. I am beginning to realise that there may, actually, 'be' time for everything.

Angela Kent, British, Teacher Class of December 2000
I think that the most important thing I have gained is the knowledge of what is within my reach, and also that energy is not exclusive to some individuals and that these processes are science-based. I feel empowered.

Gill Picton-Stringer, British, Senior Executive Class of December 2000
I feel refreshed, regenerated, positive and most importantly grateful for my life. I feel much more clear and I feel good about myself for several reasons and now have the ability to support others by making reiki available to them.

Shireen Wania, Pakistani, Mother Class of December 2000
A very calming experience. At the same time a very exciting and a powerful experience - a great gift taught through a brilliant and professional program.

Manoj Sabharwal, Indian, Father, Businessman Class of Oct 2000 (The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop)
It is as if I have empowered myself with a tool, with which I can shape my life and my destiny, in a manner that is fulfilling and wholesome.

Margaret Thomas, British, Registered Nurse, Tui Na Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Reflexoligist. Class of Oct 2000 (The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop)
A consolidation of previous learnings and a far reaching strength to help me live in the now. (see her comments on The ReikiTECH Workshop below)

Iona Davenport, British, International Endurance Equestrian Competitor, Former World Champion Downhill Skier Class of Oct 2000
An eye opener into looking at the world in a totally different light. It's like starting out as a baby (once again), In a child-like state - enjoying every new moment. I have always felt that we (humans) have an untapped energy. Through Cyrus' workshop i now know that energy does exist and I look forward to enjoying and practicing my new found force - that will benefit me and others around me.

Lisa Pinto, Indian, Mother, Executive Secretary Class of Oct 2000
I feel strong and centered and humbled in that we can all tap so much energy so simply and completely from around us and use it effectively.

Margaret Thomas, British, Registered Nurse, Tui Na Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Reflexoligist. Class of Sept 2000
Finally making sense of the simplicity and awesome power of Reiki. A silky smooth journey 'back' to reiki. (Note: She did a course on reiki several years ago in the UK without much satisfaction).

Meenakshi Veetil, Indian, Mother, Wife Class of Sept 2000
I feel Very Good! I can now understand my personality and qualities. Now I have no more fear to be myself. I understand my power and I am happy to have done this workshop.

Mike Atkinson, British, Father, Businessman Class of July 2000
Cyrus has taught me to use my energy more productively and this will have a lasting effect. There is much more to learn! An excellent investment of my time!

Mrs.Vanessa Hopwood, British, Mother, Marketing Manager Class of July 2000
A moving insight to wellness and realization that we are truly masters of our own destiny. A magnificent workshop. Thanks Cyrus!

Farid Ahmed, Emarati, Father, Manager Class of July 2000
A Total Relaxation Experience that allowed the mind to clear and become ready for a positive state of mind setting which can assist in personal development.

Dagmar Bizenhofer, German, Commercial Manager Class of June 2000
After all that I tried so far I came here and was touched in every possible way. I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to attend this course. I'm now at the beginning of a new way of experiencing my life. Thank You, Cyrus and thanks to everyone who participated. Namasté.

Balvinder Sindhu, Indian, General Manager Class of June 2000
It was unique, very sensitive and natural and very special. I think I was looking for this experience (technical) for at least the last five years. Thanks.

Fulvia Fontanot, Italian, Director Class of May 2000 (The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop)
Outstanding! Love, compassion, self confidence. An absolutely extraordinary workshop!

Carlos Gomes-Pinto, Portuguese, Commercial Pilot Class of May 2000
The workshop enabled me to feel complete neutrality (zero static charge within myself) which is going to help me live and deal with society and be in tune with nature and the universe.

Nicholas Labushagne - South African/Irish - IT Manager Class of March 2000
I have been introduced to a simple tool which has helped me to relax, focus and energise. I look forward to growing further over time.

Arathi Nilakantan, Indian, Accountant, Class of March 2000
It has been a 'Wonderful' experience to be at the ReikiTECH Workshop. This weekend workshop has already made, and I'm sure will continue to make a huge difference in the quality of my life and of those around me. I thank God for making me realise that there is one way to enrich my life on all planes. Thank you Cyrus!

Nandini Chadha, Indian, Businesswoman, Class of February 2000
I'm Alive again. The 2 days has left me more at peace with myself and happier. Energy seems to be flowing through me and surrounding me. Thank you.

Amy Smith, American, Manager, Class of January 2000
Challenging & rewarding. I have a new tool and constructive initiative to carry through the 21 day course. I feel better about my internal being than I have felt for the past few years. Let's see where this will grow from here.

Austin Carroll, British, Teacher Class of Dec '99 (Advanced Workshop)
The overall experience was much more powerful still than The ReikiTECH Workshop. It touched the 'dark interior' of the psychic/subtle being.

Erhan Kolbasi, Turkish, Attaché, Class of Dec '99 (Advanced Workshop)
The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop made me more aware of what I have been given and what I have been gifted. It was completely satisfying on all levels. I express and attitude of gratitude…

Barry Smith, British, Pilot Class of Dec '99
Two of the most enlightening days spent this Millennium!

Emine Baysal, British, Medical Administrator Class of Dec '99
Enlightenment and serenity beyond anything that I thought would be imaginable.

Dana Farha, Lebanese, Hotelier Class of Nov '99
It has been a truly wonderful experience. I thank you Cyrus for the peace that you have made me discover within myself.

Eyamini Anbalagan, Indian, Engineer Class of Nov '99
Unforgettable Experience! I would have missed the purpose of my life and significance of my being had I not done The ReikiTECH Workshop. I feel more composed and peaceful and pray that I pass this on to as many as possible.

Sharna Davis, South African, Mircobiologist, Housewife Class of Oct '99
I feel a calmness I don't think I have ever experienced before. I am completely relaxed again for the first time in a very long time. I know this will stand me in good stead for the future. I think I will have a lot to learn a You wanted it, you got it. Except more than fifty words. Hey, c'mon! I'm Irish...

Gail Boxwell, British, Teacher, Class of May '99
The workshop helped me to change my way of thinking but without making effort. I feel more at peace with my condition in life.

Male, Scottish, Petroleum Engineer, Class of Feb. '99 (name withheld by request)
I never felt so relaxed in the last 30 years. All my worries & physical aches seem to have abated, hopefully permanently, although I do expect the ups and downs to be experienced, as life goes on, I feel better equipped to deal with them. The ultimate aim of this course was to heighten my enjoyment of life, I sincerely believe this course has been effective to that extent.

Trevor Steel, British, Ki-Aikido Teacher & Engineer, Class of Dec '98
Excellent! Enlightening! A superbly managed workshop. The Ki energy more aligned and fine tuned. A must-do workshop for everyone! Thank you Cyrus. Thank you.

GisTom Johnson, British, Teacher, Martial Artist Class of Sept '98
A profound feeling of inner peace and harmony. Most doubts about reiki eliminated by the second day. More than 20 years, maybe 30, have brought me to this point -this inner experience of attunement - Reiki is all paths and one path.

Abdul Aziz Ali, Kuwaiti, Petroleum Engineer, Class of May '98
What I liked was the clarity that Cyrus J. Mehta, the trainer for the workshop, brought forth on so many issues. I felt so comfortable, so cared for. It was not what I had expected. And then the personal experiences were nothing short of extraordinary. It exceeded my expectations.

Dr. T. Sulochana, Indian, Doctor, Class of Sept '98
It was a wonderful experience which I cannot describe in words. Anyway it was really thrilling and very often I would feel the energy flowing. And I feel relaxed now.

Gavin Ramsey, British, Artist/Musician, Class of Sep '98
I came with an open mind & was pleasantly surprised to find such a rewarding experience. The principles involved are incredibly sound & I believe it is only a matter of time before people sit up & notice.

Suleima Al Zaben, Jordanian, Housewife/Businesswoman, Class of Mar '98
A very exciting and empowering experience. It shifted me to the fast lane of enlightenment, degrees & degrees of increase awareness within and without. Looking forward to Reiki III. Thank you Cyrus for every minute.

Fathma Ahmad, UAE, Commercial Manager, Martial Artist Class of Sept '97
I wanted to be empowered to manage the rigours of the fast pace in the commercial world. Enrolling for The ReikiTECH Workshop was definitely one of the best things I have done for myself. Years later the benefits of the methodology remains ever present. And the workshops' wisdom, which was beautifully delivered by Cyrus, in a most professional manner, continues to contribute to my daily life - at work and at play.

Yousef 'Jo' Haddad- Lebanese, Businessman, Class of July '97
I never imagined that one workshop could bring forth the transformation that occurred for me on all levels of my life- personal and professional. The ReikiTECH Workshop ought to be considered the essential investment in one's life.

Nausheen Khan, Indian, Senior Flight Supervisor, Class of Oct '96
ReikiITECH is The high quality workshop to harness the Universal Life Force.

Connolly Ramos - Indian, Hotelier, Class of Feb '95
I have had numerous trainings, being in the hotel industry for over 15 years. All of them have been skill-oriented. None provided the impetus for me to shift from a life filled with the subtle feelings of stress, annoyance at circumstances, frequent bouts of cold. After the ReikiTECH Workshop, a superbly conducted course, my life is truly wonderful and sense of wellness is everpresent.

Nick McGiveney, Irish, Copywriter, Class of' Sept. '94
Reiki. Hmm. It sounds like a suitably New Age kinda thing to investigate. It's got masters and chakras and that bloke running it is very definitely Indian. Probably be a lot of hippies and the smell of patchouli hanging in the air, but it'll while away a weekend anyway. I'll go for it. Might even find myself.

Well, those were my initial thoughts at least. I was in for a surprise. Firstly, the twenty or so who turned up to get tuned in were so, well, normal. Husbands, wives, teachers, students, marketing executives, secretaries... Not a bead or Roman sandal in sight. It was all terribly frustrating. Or it would have been if I hadn't been so darned relaxed for the entire duration.

The thing about Reiki, for me at any rate, was that it only told me what I really already knew, but didn't know I knew. You know already how every evening the sun goes down. But then one evening you see a beautiful sunset and it stops you in your tracks and you have to reappraise everything you took for granted about sunsets. Well, Reiki was a bit like that. Only more so. It's always been there, it's not even noticed if you don't want to see it, but it makes a whole lot of sense if you just stop to look at that sunset. And it doesn't even get complicated enough to argue with any belief system you may already have.

Also, the more I listened to Cyrus and felt the simple straightforwardness of what he explained, the more sense it made to my demanding left brain. It made scientific sense, I suppose, if that's what you want, and a large part of me definitely wanted that sort of persuasion.

But although it practices not to expect results, I have yet to see where results did not come about, Positive results, in one form or another. If absolutely nothing else, a Reiki session will give you one of the most relaxing couple of hours you are likely to enjoy.

I'm not the world's greatest skeptic, it's true, but I'm skeptical enough not to fall for just anything. And with Reiki I got lucky. Except now of course I don't think luck had anything to do with it. Reiki found me.

It's about five years now since I did my workshops There's very little in my life that I haven't applied the healing power to. I feel certainly more in touch with the living world around me. No big occult mystery. No secret society. And definitely no snobbish elitism. It's a tool that everyone could use with good effect, I think. And you know what? I think it has helped me to find myself. I was in the broom cupboard all along...

Although ReikiTECH practices not to be attached to results, I have yet to see where results did not come about, POSITIVE RESULTS in one form or another. It has been five years since I did the course and there is little in my life that I haven't applied reiki to. I feel more in touch with the living world around me. No occult mystery. No secret society. And definitely no snobbish elitism. An excellent workshop to learn to use a tool that everyone can use to good effect. It has helped me find myself.

Claudia McCalla Joseph, British, Company Director, Class of July '94
When I first did the ReikiTECH Workshop, it felt like I had shed skin and was reborn. I use this magnificent tool in my everyday life. Over the last five years reiki has supported me through the stresses of business and tragic situations. Nothing feels as difficult or drastic as it felt before the workshop. As a graduate of the ReikiTECH Workshop, I have the privilege to review in part or full the course wherever in the world it is running, and attend weekly ReikiTECH Circles that are held for graduates. This support has proved invaluable to me on numerous occasions. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to live in harmony though out their entire life…it simply makes life easier!



Market-Tek Design Award, April 2000

"The Market-TEK Design Award is conferred after reviewing sites for content, graphics, the purpose of the page, and the experience of the page writer."

Reiki Integrity Award 1999
"The Reiki Integrity Award 1999 is conferred to ReikiTECH. The award is given to an outstanding site whose level of integrity, ethics, and community service are of such high quality that it tends to set the example for the rest of the internet Reiki community. The ReikiTECH site offers qualified information about Reiki, its techniques and history.

It provides the community with a high level of responsible Reiki training. It has made significant contributions to the quality and quantity of responsible information about Reiki available on the world wide web."

"Due to the extremely high quality of your website, you have won the GAR award. It is the decision of the GAR staff that your site does indeed stand above others in its graphic quality, site organization, and overall attractiveness. We gratefully appreciate the existence of such sites on the Net, and hope that through this award, the leaders will become more visible to the public."


Recommended Sites

If you had only one book to read ever, then I would say please read Das Energi by Paul Williams. A book that will transport you to heights of Wonder-Full-ness like no other.
Get it from http://www.paulwilliams.com/.

There exists for each of us, at every moment, the possibility to experience transformation. One such moment occurred in 1976 when I was a student in LA. Laid up and alone with another crippling knee injury for the umpteenth time after a messed-up surgery at UCLA medical center in 1975. A close lady friend-fellow student, Carola Tabbert, seemed to sense a shift taking place within me. She gave me Das Energi, the same copy is presently on my desk, almost 24 years later! Reading this book, together with the conscious breathing began a series of insights and shifts of perception. I experienced total and unadulterated harmony and joy.

This book Das Energi by Paul Williams became a catalyst of such personal transformation the magnitude of which is truly difficult to articulate. This magnificent book completely and utterly changed my life. Everything remained the same and Everything was Brand New!

This week when I have been working on my last couple of workshops before the millennium, re-organizing some aspects of the web site, planning gifts and greetings, my thoughts went back to Das Energi. And so I checked it out on the web. I am not surprised that Das Energi continues to perform it's chosen task to stimulate a breakthrough for the reader!

I am delighted to share a recent reader review posted on Amazon.com. I could not have said it better.

The titillation of Life and all things Beautiful
Reviewer: kerubim@aol.com from Personal world, Cleveland. April 21, 1999

As a reader of countless hundreds of varying novels, philosophical yibber-yabber, intellectual this and that, I can say with absolute confidence that this *marvelous* text is one of the single most important books to be available to society. I cannot stress how much I recommend this book. To read it is to viscerally be transported to the breathtaking edge... where everything mundane dissipates, true magic shines everywhere, and life becomes nearly as if a dream. NOT an "ascension" book where the "dropping away" of the body is recommended. Light years beyond the preachy, lame, meowing diatribe that is so common in the so called "new age" market. (yuck) 100% real, vital, beautiful. Truly a must have for any who would dare to live.

JaneAnne Narrin's book "One Degree Beyond A reiki journey into energy medicine" is the most profound book on reiki that I have read. Visit her wonderful web site at http://www.onedegreebeyond.com/.

Her book has been nominated as a finalist for "The Visionary Award 1999"! Worthy indeed it is - of ever increasing global recognition.

JaneAnne, a close and personal friend of mine, is a gallery artist, reiki teacher, management consultant and now an award winning author. I have had the pleasure of writing my review on this book. You may view this at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ sites once you click to search for One Degree Beyond or JaneAnne Narrin.

JaneAnne and I have come to see reiki not only as a gentle "hands-on" touch therapy and artscience, but also as a cutting-edge energy technology. Reiki can be a unique Personal On-Line Harmony Tool with INTENT (for the highest good of all concerned) being a prerequisite for it's availability and use. JaneAnne's and my association is as deep a one with *pure potential*, as yours can be within the practice of The Usui System of Reiki.

An organization that I feel everyone ought to become a member of is The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine ( ISSSEEM). Check out http://www.issseem.org/

Get in touch with what's Really happening and being discussed by serious and fun loving intelligent visionaries from all paths of life Living in a World of Energy. And it's all happening Here & Now! I am deeply honored to be a member.

Through ISSSEEM's quarterly news letter I was introduced to a unique web site which you can access at http://www.issc-taste.org/

I've had the privilege to make a new friend and as importantly to have the great pleasure of having access to The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences [ TASTE ]. You can read through the experiences of scientists who have finally found a safe and comfortable space in which to write about 'their' transcendent experiences which they have not been able to share hitherto.

For the last few weeks this site has undoubtedly become my favorite. I have read experiences that brought forth in me similar and unique harmonics. They jogged memories of my own previous experiences, they made me cry unabashedly and with pure joy and they have made my being resonate with the energy of those whose experiences I was re-living, rather than merely reading. It's time the world woke up and took notice to the joy of consciousness.

This is a must-see site for all, and especially for those many people, men and women who scoff at and are disdainful of anything beyond our normal and tragically limited 'senses'.

I am full of profound gratitude for Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. to have the vision and the willingness to organize and maintain this absolutely wonderful and ever changing site. I am pleased to share with you a recent communication with him.

Dear Cyrus,

Glad you were finally able to access TASTE and found it useful! Anything you can do to spread the word about TASTE, to everyone, not just scientists, will be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but by the shy scientists who will, I think, be relieved of a burden and given a chance to grow a little once they share their experiences.

With best wishes,
Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.

Editor, The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (TASTE)
http://www.issc-taste.org/ and http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/tart/taste/

Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto CA
Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University of California, Davis

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is another organization dedicated to study of consciousness. Check it out at http://www.noetic.org/

Founded by Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, engineer and scientist who had an experience on his trip back from having just walked on the moon for which nothing in his life had prepared him. As he approached the planet we know as home, he was filled with an inner conviction as certain as any mathematical equation he'd ever solved. He knew that the beautiful blue world to which he was returning is part of a living system, harmonious and whole; and that we all participate, as he expressed it later " in a universe of consciousness."

He became convinced that the uncharted territory of the human mind was the next frontier to explore. Within two years of his expedition, Edgar Mitchell founded The of Institute of Noetic Sciences, for this purpose 'noetic' coming from the Greek word noun, meaning " ways of knowing."

I am honored to be a member, and urge you to consider becoming one.